Towards the future of mental healthcare

Our Mission

We are working to define, develop, and promote the field of Nutritional Psychology. Nutritional Psychology examines the relationship between our daily dietary intake patterns and our mood, behavior, and mental health.

We believe the future of mental healthcare includes a nutritional component, and are dedicated to fostering the development of this interdisciplinary field.

CNP believes that all psychologists and mental health professionals should have formal training in the science of how food affects mood, behavior, and mental health, and that Nutritional Psychology be considered a core concept for psychologists and mental health professionals going forward.

An Online Resource

CNP was created to serve as an online resource for anyone seeking to understand the role that diet plays in affecting mood and mental health. In addition to defining the field, CNP’s mission is providing mental health professionals, psychologists, counselors, dietitians, health coaches, physicians, researchers, educators, and interested individuals access to research, information, and curriculum in the emerging field of Nutritional Psychology.

Our mission is four-fold and includes:

  • Advocating for the adoption of Nutritional Psychology within the standard mental healthcare model
  • Developing online training and university-level curriculum for students and professionals
  • Consolidating research findings and information in the field
  • Developing a methodology through which to view the diet mental health relationship (DMHR)

Nutritional Psychology Goals


  • Developing the discipline of Nutritional Psychology, and advocating for its use in the future of mental healthcare


  • Developing educational curriculum for students and mental health professionals
  • Developing methods, concepts and tools that inform the field
  • Developing practice guidelines and standards for certification and licensure


  • Providing access to current research in the field of Nutritional Psychology


CNP serves as an online platform for the development, collaboration, and advancement of the field of Nutritional Psychology.

  • Mental health professionals wishing to learn psycho-educational tools in the field of Nutritional Psychology
  • Professionals who desire access to resources in the field of Nutritional Psychology
  • Researchers and clinicians needing a wider forum for communicating their findings
  • Individuals seeking to understand how dietary intake patterns impact mood, behavior, and mental health


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