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Medical Moment: How Diet Affects Mental Health

New research shows how some foods may lead to increased concentration and a positive shift in mindset.

Digestion and Mental Health are Closely Related

Dr. Premysl Bercik explores the research of the microbiome and neurological disorders.

Nutritional Psychology to Treat Depression

Edited bits of info from CBS news story about food’s impact on the brain.

How Food Can Improve Your Mood With Professor Felice Jacka

Join Felice Jacka as she explains what the science suggests about the relationship between diet and mental health.

Feed Your Mental Health

Psychiatrist, Dr. Drew Ramsey, invites us to use food to increase our mental health.

How Our Hormones Control Our Hunger

Dr. Huberman on how our hormones, hunger, eating, and satiety.

Is Diet Impacting our Immunity?

Check out the “Diet and Immunity” category in our NP Research Library.

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