A New Path Forward: Introduction to NP Methodology (NP 110)

Thirty years ago, there existed no university-level education in how diet and nutrients relate to human behavior and psychological functioning. Over time, an increasing number of students, professionals, practitioners, and researchers realized that there is indeed a connection between what we eat and how we feel. They sought to educate and train themselves in the science of this connection, wondering why their respective fields hadn’t formally acknowledged it, nor provided an educational curriculum on this subject.

Today, an abundance of research supports and strengthens our understanding of this “food-mood” link, but it is spread across many countries, disciplines, and scientific journals. Nutritional Psychology (NP) is the field of study that unites these findings and recognizes the elements needed to define the relationship between nutrition and psychological functioning. 

Here at The Center for Nutritional Psychology, we are consolidating the wealth of NP-related research and information. We are using it to support the development of methodology, education, and training in NP. We are committed to paving the path for professionals, educators, parents, researchers, and everyone else wishing to learn to use NP to improve psychological functioning.

Launching March 2021, Introduction to Nutritional Psychology Methodology (NP 110) will be the first in a series of educational courses based on the latest scientific findings relating to NP. This course will…

  • Introduce conceptualization, methodology, and research structures informing the field
  • Introduce the six elements of the field of NP: the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, perceptual, interoceptive, and psychosocial
  • Provide administrative information helpful in taking this course 
  • Introduce preliminary Scope of Practice Guidelines for implementing this knowledge in a professional setting

While designed primarily for students and mental health, nutrition, and allied health professionals, this course is open to anyone wishing to learn the science of how dietary intake affects mood, behavior, and psychological functioning. 

NP 110 will be the first of many courses examining the elements that inform our relationship with food and its nutrients. 

Welcome to the beginning of your formal educational journey in Nutritional Psychology.

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