Educators Advocacy Form

    Nutritional Psychology Advocacy for Educators

    As a college or university educator, do you want your students to know more about how nutrition impacts mood, behavior, and mental health? Would you like to advocate for undergraduate or graduate-level courses and programs in nutritional psychology?

    Nutritional psychology (NP) is the field of study that examines the relationship between dietary intake patterns and psychological, cognitive, behavioral, interoceptive, perceptual, and psychosocial functioning. It seeks to expand our understanding of the diet-mental health relationship (DMHR) and help support positive improvements in mood, behavior, and mental health.

    CNP is the developer of the first accredited and APA-approved curriculum in nutritional psychology at the university level. We are advocating for the mainstream incorporation of NP education within college and university education systems. By completing and submitting this form, you… 1) Cast your vote to support NP Education in future colleges and university programs; 2) Help us better understand how to serve the academic and student communities; and 3) Formally advocate for a nutritional component to mental healthcare by 2030.

    Thank you for your support of this field.