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This page is designed to help researchers, graduate students, and other individuals in gathering data for scientific studies related to the diet-mental health relationship. It also provides members of the public with the opportunity to contribute to valuable scientific advancements, therefore supporting the continued growth of nutritional psychology.

Participants: Click on a research announcement below for more information, including eligibility requirements. Note that all studies featured here are organized by parties independent of CNP, and CNP is not liable for any risks or potential damages incurred through participation. For questions regarding specific studies, please contact the researcher(s) directly using the information they provide.

Researchers: In order to be featured here, CNP must receive a thorough description of the study, proof of IRB approval, and all related documents, including but not limited to the informed consent form, any promotional materials, and relevant links. Graduate students must also submit a letter from a supervising faculty member verifying approval of the proposed research and its listing on this page. CNP reserves the right to decline submissions.

If you would like additional information on participating in research or on submitting your study, please contact us.

Current Opportunities

Eat Better, Feel Better Research Study

Sarah Raymond, RN, BSN


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