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CNP’s Research Libraries are the first and only database consolidating the body of interdisciplinary, multinational scientific publications on Nutritional Psychology, CNP Members obtain exclusive access to:

  • All FIVE carefully curated, searchable online libraries containing 45+ research categories and links to 2,900+ research studies informing the field of NP
  • A monthly animated video featuring a recent research study
  • The ability to create and organize personalized lists of studies, add your own notes, and easily print all the information you need.
  • 2,400+ CNP Summaries (and counting) for ease of reading, as well as full study citations
  • Members-only discounts for ALL Nutritional Psychology courses

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The CNP Library Membership is designed to provide learners with access to research informing the field of Nutritional Psychology, including:

  • Students (writing reports) and educators (building curriculum)
  • Professionals (building expertise in the field)
  • Researchers (identifying research in the DMHR)
  • Journalists and bloggers (identifying content)
  • Other interested individuals (who can benefit from easier access to research findings)

To find out more about how the CNP LM is used, please watch this 6-minute video tutorial.


When you become a CNP Member, you join an international community of like-minded individuals passionate about Nutritional Psychology. We are educators, students, professionals, and advocates, and we understand the potential Nutritional Psychology research, education, and tools have for changing both individual lives and the global mental healthcare system for the better.

When you become a CNP Member, you also support a valuable cause — The Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all of our proceeds go directly towards furthering the development of Nutritional Psychology. Your subscription helps us continue creating and expanding educational resources for kids and their parents, students, and educators, and professionals.

Thank you for your support of Nutritional Psychology.


The CNP Library Membership is designed to be used by…

  • Mental health professionals looking to keep up-to-date with the field
  • Students to prepare reports, papers, theses, and dissertations
  • Educators to organize and consolidate research studies used in NP-related syllabi
  • Organizations seeking to use Nutritional Psychology research findings and trends to inform education, policy, and research
  • Journalists writing articles related to the Diet-Mental Health Relationship
  • Individuals interested in seeing the latest research on how diet affects all aspects of our mental health


Each subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Each set of login credentials may only be used for one person, with the exception of the Organizations Plan, which allows for the addition of up to four people.

For additional information, please see our FAQ section below.

By purchasing a CNP Membership, you certify that you have read and agree to the Membership Terms and Conditions.










Library Membership FAQ

A: Our team spend a lot of time identifying, consolidating, and organizing scientific publications that inform different elements of Nutritional Psychology. We look for studies that are recent, informative, and critical to building conceptualization in NP.

A: No, the database provides links to original research publications and their abstracts. Full PDFs can often be found there, but the central purpose of the libraries is to provide you with quick, convenient access to a carefully curated library of Nutritional Psychology research.

A: Yes. CNP Contributors constantly scour the planet for all things important and relevant to the field of Nutritional Psychology. New studies and study summaries are added daily.

A: CNP summaries are summaries of study abstracts written by CNP staff in an effort to increase readability for CNP Learners and to increase the speed with which they can cover relevant research in the field.

A: The five research libraries CNP Members gain access to are one of a kind; they specifically bring Nutritional Psychology research publications all to one place and make them easy to search, organize, and use. CNP staff have collectively spent thousands of hours hand-identifying and selecting studies for inclusion in CNP’s Research Libraries, organizing them by category, and writing CNP Summaries for ease of understanding. This is a valuable tool for using NP-related research in papers and projects, viewing scientific trends, and utilizing collective knowledge on NP.

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Take another step towards developing your understanding of the relationship between diet and psychological health. Together, we can build a new model of mental healthcare to include this important piece of the puzzle.


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