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    Nutritional Psychology Advocacy for Professionals

    Are you a psychologist, dietitian, nutritionist, health coach, or other professional who can benefit from nutritional psychology?

    Nutritional psychology (NP) examines the relationship between dietary intake patterns and psychological, cognitive, behavioral, interoceptive, sensory-perceptual, and psychosocial functioning. Through this field, we want to expand your tools for supporting healthy mood, behavior, and mental health in your patients and clients.

    CNP has been advocating for the inclusion of formal training in nutritional psychology for over 12 years. We are defining and conceptualizing the field of NP, consolidating relevant research, and developing methods to support educational curricula for professionals. Furthermore, we are releasing CE courses in NP and working towards a certification program. Our work is aimed at building the infrastructure necessary for a nutritional component to mental healthcare by the year 2030.

    By submitting this form, you inform our efforts to advocate for nutritional psychology in the sphere of professional training, and support our mission goals. Thank you for your support!