CNP’s Global Resource Library (GRL) consolidates research, articles, books, and media from around the world relating to the effects of dietary intake patterns on mood, behavior, and mental health. Our mission is to consolidate this information to support the development of the field of Nutritional Psychology.

Research is being published in areas relating to Nutritional Psychology, however, most is not easily accessible by front-line mental health professionals, nutritionists, physicians, health coaches, or individuals interested in supporting their mental health.

CNP’s mission is to unify these findings to both increase accessibility and build conceptualization in the field of Nutritional Psychology. If you would like to help us advance this conceptualization, please use the Resource Submittal Form below to submit a study, book, or article link for inclusion in our Resource library.

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Mood and Memory: How Sugar Affects Brain Chemistry (Connection between Type II Diabetes and Alzheimers)
Brain Foods for Brain Health (UC Davis lecture on the MIND Diet, insulin sensitivity and Alzheimers)
Diet and Depression (Lecture by Dr. Felice Jacka)
How Junk Food Affects your Brain
The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health (Dr. Julia Rucklidge)
The Truth about Sugar (BBC Production)
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