Empowering innovative education in mental healthcare

A Nutritional component to Mental Healthcare by 2030

CNP developed the first university-based, accredited curriculum in Nutritional Psychology for JFK University in 2008. This curriculum evolved over 12 years and included a 7-course, online certificate program dedicated to providing mental health professionals, educators, dietitians, health coaches, and interested individuals with formal education in the developing field of Nutritional Psychology. In early 2020, we removed this long-standing program to make way for updated content and methodology, which will be housed through CNP in 2021.

The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction

The science or study that deals with food and nourishment

The science of mind and behavior

Diet Mental Health Relationship

Connecting what we eat with how we feel


Examining the role that family, culture, community, society, and socioeconomic status play in determining our dietary intake patterns


Examining the relationship between our dietary intake patterns and our feelings, moods, and emotions


Developing an awareness of the relatively predictable dietary behaviors we present in response to consuming a western dietary pattern, i.e., ‘cabinet surfing’ at night


Developing awareness of the physical and mental sensations we experience in response to our dietary intake patterns (discomfort, pain, irritation, or peace, energy, and calm)


Using our mental processes (thinking, problem solving, learning, and creativity) to gain insight into how the food we eat is affecting our mental health.


Take steps to help us develop our understanding of the relationship between diet and mental health. Together, we can build a new future of mental healthcare to include this important piece of the puzzle.


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