Child and Adolescent Research Library

One of three research libraries designed for parents, this library consolidates general findings on how dietary intake patterns influence the child and adolescent populations. Within today’s Westernized dietary landscape, the “Eat your broccoli — it’s good for you!” approach isn’t working.

More sophisticated tools are needed to navigate our new dietary landscape, and to help kids make choices more supportive of their mood, behavior, and mental health. That is why CNP is creating innovative curriculum in Nutritional Psychology for children — to help them develop an internalized awareness of how the foods they eat can impact the way they think, feel, and behave.

If you are a parent or guardian working to understand how food is impacting your child’s well-being, we invite you to use our parent research libraries to keep up with the latest scientific findings from around the world. For information on how diet affects children with special neurodevelopmental needs, visit CNP’s Neurodevelopmental Research Library.

Is Diet Affecting Children's Mood, Happiness, and Well-being? By CNP Contributor Sam Scarnato
PsyD, CFNC Pediatric Psychology
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A brief diet intervention can reduce symptoms of depression in young adults – A randomised controlled trial

Heather M. Francis | Oct 9, 2019



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