Consolidating Research in Nutritional Psychology: The CNP Library Membership

Nutritional Psychology is the area of study that examines the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, sensory-perceptual, interoceptive, and psychosocial elements informing the Diet-Mental Health Relationship. As knowledge supporting our understanding of this relationship continues to grow, an increased need to unify these findings exists. While formal education and training in this area have been largely absent for mental health and allied health professionals, The Center for Nutritional Psychology has taken initiative to develop this area of study and is consistently working to consolidate the world’s research regarding the DMHR.

CNP’s ‘Research Library Membership’ contains the first ‘living’ and evolving database containing links to nearly 3,000 interdisciplinary, multinational scientific research studies informing our understanding of the Diet-Mental Health Relationship. While CNP’s public website contains five curated research libraries containing links to over 45 research categories in nutritional psychology, the CNP Research Library Membership provides educators, students, professionals, and advocates with access to CNP’s full scope of study links informing the field of nutritional psychology.

The CNP Library Membership also provides individuals with the opportunity to join a like-minded community, and engage with those who support and believe in the importance of incorporating a nutritional component into mental healthcare moving forward.


With the CNP Library Membership, members obtain exclusive access to:

    • All five carefully curated, searchable online libraries containing 45+ research categories and links to nearly 3,000 research studies informing the field 
    • A monthly animated video featuring a recent research study
    • The ability to create and organize personalized lists of studies, add your own notes, and easily print all the information you need
    • Nearly 2,40000 CNP-written research summaries (and counting!) that summarize research study abstracts for ease of reading, as well as full study citations
    • Members-only discounts for ALL Nutritional Psychology courses


It is through the CNP membership that you will have easy access to the research and tools needed to deepen your understanding of the relationship between our dietary intake, psychological health, and well-being. Whether you are an educator, student, professional, or advocate of Nutritional Psychology, your subscription to the CNP Library Membership will foster increased visibility and improve the mental healthcare system for the better.


The CNP Library Membership can be used by:

  • Mental health professionals looking to keep up-to-date with the field
  • Students to prepare reports, papers, thesis, and dissertations
  • Educators to organize and consolidate research studies used in NP-related syllabi
  • Organizations seeking to use Nutritional Psychology research findings and trends to inform education, policy, and research
  • Journalists writing articles related to the Diet-Mental Health Relationship
  • Individuals interested in seeing the latest research on how diet affects all aspects of our psychological functioning and mental health


When you become a CNP Member, you also support a valuable cause — The Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all of our proceeds go directly towards furthering the development of Nutritional Psychology. Your subscription helps us continue creating and expanding educational resources for kids and their parents, students, educators, and professionals. Become a member today, and discover the benefits of CNP’s well-organized, user-friendly, and creditable membership database.

Visit our Membership Page for more details and FAQs.


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