Supporting kids and their parents with innovative education in Nutritional Psychology

What if your children developed the skills to navigate the Western dietary landscape (WDL) from a young age? What if you could help them build an internal awareness of how to desire foods that support their mental health?

It’s not enough anymore to say “eat your broccoli because it’s good for you.” Children’s exposure to the Western Diet lifestyle becomes second nature if they are not taught to to counter the perceptual, behavioral, psychological and psychosocial cues arising within the WDL. CNP is working to arm kids with the  skills needed to support conscious choices that benefit their mood, behavior, and mental health.

The CNP Animated Curriculum for children (and their parents), NP Curriculum for pediatricians, mental health professionals and counselors, and the Culinary Skills courses are all designed to equip kids with these skills. Check back for updates on courses that will be available starting in 2021.

Children’s Animated Curriculum Introduction coming soon to a laptop near you!

Hurtling through space, the Bearded Dragon Family (“The Beards”) have only one chance to survive. Their home planet is suffering from Global Cooling, and their only hope is to discover a planet with warmer temperatures. But even if they find a new home to inhabit, there could be new dangers awaiting them! Stay tuned to see how their story unfolds.


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