The Center for Nutritional Psychology

Our agenda is the dissemination of knowledge.

The Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to fostering the development of the area of study known as nutritional psychology. CNP was founded in 2013 by M. Ephimia Morphew-Lu (Ephi) and Dr. Amanda Hull to support the development of the field of Nutritional Psychology and to serve as an online resource for those seeking to understand the role that diet plays in mood and mental health. CNP’s mission is to provide mental health professionals, dietitians, health coaches, physicians, researchers, educators, students, parents, and other interested individuals with access to research, information, and tools in the field of Nutritional Psychology. We believe mental health professionals should have access to formal training in the science of how food affects mood, behavior, and mental health. Nutritional Psychology should be considered a core concept in the mental healthcare system. CNP obtained status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in early 2021 and has become an official sponsor of continuing education for psychologists and other mental health professionals. CNP is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all staff members, volunteers, contractors, partners, students, and members.


Having retired the previous Certificate in NP program hosted by JFK University, we are now in the process of releasing next-generation courses in Nutritional Psychology.

NP 110 is available now.


Ephi is the founder, editor and developer of CNP. Ephi has a decade of experience in the field of psychology and human performance, and spent the first part of her career serving as a NASA Senior Engineering Psychologist supporting the psychological, behavioral, and performance capabilities of aerospace personnel for NASA and the US military. She founded The Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments and its peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments, has published in her area of expertise, and has won numerous awards in her field of specialty.

In 2004 Ephi resigned from NASA to attend to her own health issues and continue formal training in the field of holistic nutrition. It was at this time that she began combining her expertise in human behavior with nutrition to develop the field of Nutritional Psychology. In 2005, she developed the first Introduction to Nutritional Psychology course for mental health professionals, teaching it through JFK University beginning in 2008.  This Continuing Education (CE) course was taught to mental health professionals at JFKU’s campuses in Northern California. As the courses grew in popularity, Ephi joined forces with Dr. Amanda Hull and several colleagues to develop the seven-course, APA-approved Certificate in Nutritional Psychology for JFKU. This certificate resided online from 2012-2020 until it was retired to make way for next-generation curriculum in Nutritional Psychology (coming in 2021).

Dr. Amanda Hull is a clinical psychologist and a CNP cofounder. She was instrumental in CNP’s founding and initial development. Amanda is currently the Senior Director at the Whole Health Institute, where she leads two of the major strategic priorities: Health and Well-Being and Whole Health Education and Experience. She joined the Institute in the beginning of 2020, building on a career focused on the transformation of healthcare. In previous roles, she developed and directed an integrative health program for Veterans at the Washington DC VA Medical Center. She also worked nationally as part of the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation leadership team to create and implement the whole health transformation model within the VA.

Ephi Lu, MS, Dip.C.N.

Amanda Hull, PhD