General/Patient Advocacy Form

    General Advocacy

    Do you want your mental healthcare providers to be equipped to support your diet-mental health relationship? Are you interested in the continued development of nutritional psychology (NP)? The Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP) is advocating for a nutritional component to mental healthcare. We are leading the effort to build nutritional psychology curriculum, methods, and advocacy efforts, and want to make your voice heard.

    Nutritional psychology is the scinetific field that examines the relationship between dietary intake patterns and psychological, cognitive, behavioral, cognitive, interoceptive, sensory-perceptual, and psychosocial functioning. Through this field, we expand our collective understanding of the diet-mental health relationship (DMHR), and subsequent improvements in psychological health and well-being. Our objective is for nutritional psychology to inform a new, more holistic model of mental healthcare by the year 2030.

    By completing and submitting this form, you indicate that you support the development of a nutritional component within mental healthcare, and feel that you would benefit from mental healthcare providers being trained in the DMHR.

    Thank you for your support!