General/Patient Advocacy Form

General/Patient Advocacy

Are your mental healthcare providers equipped to support your diet-mental health relationship? Do you want them to be? The Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP) is advocating for a nutritional component to mental healthcare. We are the leaders in Nutritional Psychology curriculum, methodology and advocacy and will take your information to the places that matter.

Nutritional Psychology (NP) is the field of study that examines the relationship between dietary intake patterns and psychological, cognitive, behavioral, cognitive-interoceptive, perceptual and psychosocial functioning. It seeks to expand our understanding of the Diet-Mental Health Relationship (DMHR) and be used to support positive improvements in mood, behavior, and mental health. Nutritional Psychology encompasses the fields of Nutrition, Psychology, and Education to inform the development of the field. We make it our business, and our passion, to understand the Diet-Mental Health Relationship and develop ways to use NP to inform a new nutritional model of mental healthcare — a model that will benefit you, and your kids.

By completing and submitting this form, you’re indicating that you support the development of a nutritional component to mental healthcare, and that you feel you would receive benefit if your mental healthcare providers were trained in understanding the Diet-Mental Health Relationship.