Child and Adolescent Cooking Research

Studies show that supporting youth in developing cooking skills improves dietary intake and can lead to better mental health outcomes. In the Child and Adolescent Cooking Research Library we consolidate research on how cooking is affecting our youths’ physical and mental health.

Featured Cooking Research Study

Shopping for food with children: A strategy for directing their choices toward novel foods containing vegetables

Xavier Allirot l 2017


Cooking Research Categories

How does the family environment impact kids' eating behaviors? Can cooking interventions result in children eating better throughout their lifespan? Do cooking skills make a difference in university students' dietary behaviors? This library exists to capture the research that answers these questions.

Kids Applied Culinary Research Lab

This section provides applied resources for parents to help their their kids be self-sufficient with food skills.

Cooking in the News

Teaching Kids to Prepare Healthy Snacks and Lunches with Katie Kimball


Books for Kids and Parents