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CNP is working to provide resources to those seeking information in the fields of nutrition and psychology, including resources that may tangentially support the field of Nutritional Psychology. These resources represent a non-exhaustive list of organizations and programs that might be of interest to the CNP community. CNP does not receive compensation for listing resources on this page, and inclusion in no way reflects an official endorsement of the programs or affiliations listed. If you are a research group, organization, program, or institution wishing to be considered for inclusion, please contact Requests for consideration of inclusion on this page are subject to CNP’s Resource Submission Guidelines.

List of resources by category


International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR)

The Center for Nutritional Psychology supports The International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR) which is an organization which aims to: Grow the field of nutritional psychiatry research by… -Support the generation of high quality evidence for nutritional approaches to...

Food and Mood Centre

Housed at Deakin University, this is a research center run by a team of researchers who study how food influences the human brain, mood, and mental health.

Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour

The Institute for Food, Brain, and Behaviour is an organization based in the United Kingdom. It is working to make nutrition research easier to understand, and using it to help improve people’s mental and physical health. The Institute also develops...

Psychiatry Redefined

Psychiatry Redefined is an educational platform advocating for and teaching a new model of psychiatric treatment, one which places an emphasis on functional medicine tailored to psychiatry.

Research Groups

Mental Health and Nutrition Research Group

Mental Health and Nutrition Research Group

University of Canterbury, Department of Psychology This research group tests various nutritional interventions as potential treatments for psychiatric and psychological illnesses. Recent published studies cover topics that include ADHD, maternal wellbeing during pregnancy, and depression.

Nutrition Studies Research Group

Nutrition Studies Research Group

Stanford School of Medicine This research group is working to expand nutrition research to focus more on dietary intake patterns and novel risk factors for health issues. It operates within the Stanford Prevention Research Center.

Diet and Mental Health Research Group

Diet and Mental Health Research Group

South Dakota State University, Health and Nutritional Sciences This research group strives to understand the relationship between diet, particularly intake of omega-3 fatty acids, and mental health in young adults.

Academic Programs

Food & Mood Academy

Explore the links between diet, mental and brain health through online learning.

University of Canterbury: Mental Health and Nutrition

  Learn what foods and nutrients should and should not be consumed to improve mental wellbeing and explore the fundamental role that nutrition plays in our mental health.  

MS in Nutrition and MA in Counseling Psychology

Bastyr University, Washington. This is a dual-degree Master’s program offered at Bastyr University. It combines clinical training in nutrition with counseling. Students who complete this programare qualified to apply for licensure as mental health counselors.

Human Nutrition and Psychology BSC

University of Worcester. This is an undergraduate, joint honors degree program. It allows students to study both psychology and nutrition generally as distinct fields, with the option to specialize in specific areas.

General Resources in Psychology is an online resource for the general field of psychology. It houses a database of psychology programs in the United States that can be searched based on different criteria.

Psychology: Science in Action

APA This page provides an overview of psychology and some of its many subfields, as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA).

General Resources in Nutrition


This is an online resource for information on nutrition and eating choices run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). is a platform run by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It provides information on nutrition and works for the continued development of dietetics.

Resources for Parents

Kids Cook Real Food with Katie Kimball

Katie Kimball is an expert on teaching kids how to cook. Self-paced courses for kids.

Research Journals and Publications

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