Personal Stories of Success in How Food Can Change the Way We Feel


There’s no denying the fact that what we eat affects how we feel. As knowledge and research continue to further our understanding of the relationship between diet and mental health (the Diet-Mental Health Relationship), people worldwide are experiencing transformative changes in how they think, feel, and experience psychological wellness. While each of us go through our own unique transformation when improving our diet, many of us lack the opportunity to express this personal transformation to others. The Slotogate platform will allow you to play the most popular online casino using interac casino canada

The Faces of Nutritional Psychology is a collection of personal stories written by people who have perceived positive shifts in their psychological, emotional, and mental well-being in response to improving their dietary patterns. Whether experiencing positive changes in chronic illness, eating disorders, happiness, or well-being from improving the way we eat, these written stories inspire and encourage others to improve their own dietary patterns, and in doing so, help them to better their Diet-Mental Health Relationship (DMHR). When combining Faces of NP experiences with research findings, we are building a new, more complete understanding the DMHR.

Experience + Research = Better Understanding of the DMHR

Real stories. Real inspiration, from real people — just like you.
Share your Diet-Mental Health Relationship story today.

Submission Criteria


We invite you to share with the CNP Community how improvements in your own Diet-Mental Health Relationship have transformed your mood, behavior, and/or mental health. Your story will be folded into the ongoing development of the field of Nutritional Psychology; it will help us advocate for future education and policy change, and it will deepen our collective understanding of how diet can be used to transform our psychological well-being.

Real stories. Real inspiration, from real people — just like you. Share your story today.


Here at CNP, we have a mission: to help build a nutritional component within our mental healthcare systems. We believe that therapists, psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals, alongside nutritionists, nurses, doctors, and other allied health professionals, should have access to education in Nutritional Psychology. That’s why we’re developing continuing education courses, consolidating research, and building up resources.

We need your help to create systemic change.

By sharing your story, you add an indispensable personal element to our battle for nutrition in mental healthcare. You allow us to approach healthcare companies, insurance agencies, policymakers, and other influential bodies with more than research findings — critical personal narratives and individual interest in Nutritional Psychology.

Submit your story today.

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