Diet and Maternal Mental Health (DMMH)

The Center for Nutritional Psychology is consolidating research from around the world to help us better understand the relationship between maternal dietary intake and both maternal and infant/child mood, behavior, and mental health. Explore the studies in our DMMH Research Library below and see what the research says about pregnancy and cravings, the relationship between post-partum mental health and diet, and much more. The DMMH Research Library is curated by CNP Content Developer Stephanie Greunke, MS, RD, CPT, PMH-C. Nutrition always has a very strong effect on our well-being and energy. And cooking for mental health is a new trend that more and more people are using.

Areas of future development for this library will include the implications of nutritional protocols, micronutrients, non-pharmacological therapies, blood sugar regulation, immune system regulation, gut health, and the gut-brain axis.


Moody foods: the link between poor diet and mood disorders

Written by Melina Bunting



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