Faces of NP Submission Guidelines

Follow these guidelines:

  • Limit your story to 500 words that express your personal journey with using nutrition to positively impact your mood, behavior and/or mental health. While we are eager for you to share your personal narrative, please keep your story within the context of the Diet-Mental Health Relationship. CNP reserves the right to lightly edit stories for clarity.
  • Provide a high-resolution photo (minimum 1200×1200 pixels) of yourself, taken horizontally with good lighting and approximately two feet between the camera and yourself. Please keep the background minimal.
  • Sign the Signature Release Form below, stating that you allow CNP full rights to share your photo and story on CNP’s website and social media platforms.
  • CNP reserves the right to modify submissions to ensure that published content is appropriate for viewers of all ages.
  • CNP is dedicated to conveying your stories as accurately as possible, but please be aware that slight redactions may be made to your text.
  • By submitting your entry, you acknowledge the above statements and give CNP the right to edit and publish your submission.
  • Submission of content does not guarantee publication.
  • Email questions to editor@nutritional-psychology.org.

Sharing your experience:

Sharing your story is not about being perfect! It’s about helping others understand your experience and how your improved diet has positively impacted the way you feel. Below are a few questions to help you write, but please do not feel restricted to them.

    • What were you experiencing in terms of your mood, behavior, and mental health before you made the transformation to a healthier dietary intake pattern? What changed when you incorporated a healthier dietary pattern?
    • Was there a specific ‘triggering’ event in your life that helped you decide to improve your nutrition?
    • In what ways did changing your diet affect your mood, behavior, and mental health? Any other changes?
    • What other areas of your life improved as you made these changes in your diet?

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