CNP Education

There is  crucial need to deliver better education to both the public and clinicians about the role of diet and nutrients in sustaining mental health (Huang, 2019). Here at CNP, we developed the first university-based, accredited curriculum in Nutritional Psychology. This program was initiated in 2008 and evolved over 12 years to include a seven-course certification dedicated to providing mental health professionals, educators, dietitians, health coaches, and counselors with a formal curriculum in Nutritional Psychology.

Today, we are working towards the release of a next-generation certification in Nutritional Psychology — one that reflects the wealth of current research in the field and provides an excellent learning experience. The first course in this new curriculum, NP 110: Introduction to Nutritional Psychology Methods, is now available! NP 110 is worth 8 continuing education (CE) credits for professionals whose licensing bodies accept courses approved by the American Psychological Association (APA), and we are now working towards additional accreditations. Three upcoming courses are also under development now, with the first expected to launch in the fall of 2021.

Learn more about NP 110 here.