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About Nutritional Psychology

Nutritional Psychology is the science of how nutrients affect mood and behavior. This field examines the relationship between food and our internal experience, illuminating the biophysiological mechanisms, influenced by our nutrient intake that underlie mood and behavior.


Nutritional Psychology Topics

  • The Blood Sugar Adrenal Axis
  • Amino Acid Therapy
  • Macronutrient Mood Therapy
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • The 3-Day Food Journal for Mood
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Nutrition & Clinical Disorder
  • Nutrition & Cognition

Educational Programs

The Center for Nutritional Psychology has developed an online certificate program.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Nutritional Psychology
  • Nutritional Psychology Tools
  • Integrating Nutritional Psychology into Clinical Practice
  • The Gut-Brain Axis
  • Sugar & Emotion

And More Courses...

Resources & Services


  • Nutrition and Clinical Disorders
  • Nutrition and Cognition
  • The Field of Nutrition       

Consulting Services

  • We provide consulting services to those interested in:
  • Developing educational curriculum in nutritional psychology
  • Implementing nutritional psychology principles in your practice, clinic, or hospital

News & Events

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04 April, 2016
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Integrative Medicine for Mental Health; Sept 29- Oct 2, 2016; Washington, DC

03 March, 2015
Diet As Important To Mental Health As To Physical

News: Diet May Be As Important To Mental Health As It Is To Physical Health

25 February, 2015