CNP Research Library Membership (Coming May 2021)


CNP is bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in understanding the connection between diet, nutrients, and all aspects of psychological functioning and mental health.

Your NP Research Library Membership will provide you with access to all five carefully curated, searchable online libraries. Together, these libraries contain over 2,500 research links and a growing number of CNP Summaries, which inform our understanding of the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, interoceptive, sensory-perceptual, and psychosocial elements involved in the Diet-Mental Health Relationship (DMHR). Each of the thousands of studies have been sorted into one of 45+ research categories to make searching for specific topics easier for you.

Together, this collection of research serves as the foundation for the field of Nutritional Psychology. 


CNP’s Research Libraries are the first to bring together the wealth of interdisciplinary, multinational research studies and scientific articles on the connection between nutrition and psychological functioning. Our team at CNP has designed this searchable library database with you in mind, whether you’re a student, professional, or an interested individual in a different occupation. The NP libraries are an excellent resource for students writing papers or theses, scientists developing research questions, professionals looking to build their understanding of the DMHR to help clients, and for any other individuals looking to benefit from the scientific findings within Nutritional Psychology.

As a CNP Member, you not only obtain access to the five online research libraries, but also receive exclusive discounts for Nutritional Psychology courses. For additional information and program benefits.

Please note that CNP membership will come available beginning in May 2021.