CNP’s three research libraries include links from around the world informing the field of Nutritional Psychology


We are consolidating and summarizing research in the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, perceptual, interoceptive and psychosocial aspects of diet related to mood, behavior, and mental health. With over 40 research categories informing the field, we are building conceptualization in the field of Nutritional Psychology and using these findings to design educational curriculum to empower individuals around the world to improve their Diet-Mental Health Relationship (DMHR).

Alongside links that take CNP viewers to each study on the open internet, CNP staff writers are summarizing each study abstract in each of the three CNP Research Libraries. We believe that having improved accessibility, readability, and relateability will result in greater speed towards advancing the world’s knowledge in how diet affects mental health. This will provide one more piece to the puzzle in improving the human experience.

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