The CNP Research Library Membership provides:

  • One-year access to all FIVE online Nutritional Psychology Research Libraries, which together contain 2,900+ research studies
  • The ability to perform keyword searches by research category, study title, or CNP Summary
  • The ability to create your own personalized lists of favorite studies and categories
  • Access to CNP-written abstracts summarizing many of the studies
  • Discounts on upcoming courses in Nutritional Psychology (Enrollment for NP 110 and NP 120 Parts I & II are now open)
  • The ability to join a growing community of like-minded individuals passionate about Nutritional Psychology
  • The ability to support a non-profit educational organization whose proceeds go towards furthering the development of the field of NP

Please note that the information in the CNP Membership Research Library is not to be used for diagnosis, assessment, intervention or treatment of any kind. The research contained in the library is informational in nature and to be used as such.

NOTE: Membership purchases will be available January 15, 2022. Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed.



This plan is for any student currently enrolled in college or university coursework at the undergraduate or graduate level, or for those currently enrolled in a part- or full-time trade program. CNP’s Library Membership gives students access to current research, and is an invaluable tool for understanding the field of nutritional psychology. The database is supportive for students writing papers, projects, theses, dissertations, and more.




This plan is for professionals and other individuals that are interested in gaining access to studies informing nutritional psychology. CNP’s Membership Library helps to develop a thorough understanding of the field, which allows researchers to conceptualize and contribute their own questions. For those who are professionals in mental health, nutrition, or a related field, the membership can help you to add actionable value to your clients’ lives, should it be within your scope of practice.




This plan is for organizations who can benefit from multiple users obtaining access to the information within the Library Membership. It allows for up to five users. CNP’s Library Membership database benefits organizations by allowing them to stay up-to-date on current research, providing support for reaching their unique goals.