Introduction to CNP Nutritional Psychology Research Libraries

Consolidating Research Informing the Field

The Center for Nutritional Psychology is consolidating research informing the field of Nutritional Psychology (NP). NP encompasses the study of how dietary intake patterns affect mood, behavior, and mental health. NP addresses the psychological (affective), behavioral, cognitive-interoceptive, perceptual (sensory), and psychosocial changes we experience in relation to our dietary intake patterns. We know that not everyone has the time, energy, background (or interest) to search databases and publications spanning numerous fields for information on the DMHR, so we are doing it for you.


Four Research Libraries Containing 45+ Categories and Over 1,700 Research Studies

CNP’s four research libraries include the Nutritional Psychology Research Library (consolidating research in the Diet-Mental Health Relationship examining the adult population), the Parent Research Library (consolidating research in the child/adolescent Diet-Mental Health Relationship), the Child and Adolescent Cooking Research Library (consolidating research that helps parents understand the link between cooking and their children’s mental and physical health later in life), and the Neurodevelopmental Research library (consolidating research on how diet impacts those with neurodevelopmental challenges).

Together, these libraries contain research studies that provide conceptualization in the field of Nutritional Psychology. This conceptualization in turn supports the design of educational and professional curriculum that empowers mental health professionals, nutritionists, parents, and interested individuals to make a difference in their Diet-Mental Health Relationship (DMHR).

CNP Research Summaries

We are working to ensure that professionals, clinicians, educators, and interested individuals have quicker access to information and research informing the field of NP. That is why we are summarizing every research study in the four CNP Research Libraries (we have begun with the NP and Parent Research libraries). In each research category, you will see a link to both the original study publication and to its CNP Summary, written by CNP’s science writers.

This is just one of the many ways in which we are moving the field NP forward and paving the way for a nutritional component to mental healthcare. If you know of a research study you would like us to consider including in our Research Library, please use our Resource Submittal Form below. Likewise, if you are a researcher and have published studies in areas informing NP, we welcome your study for consideration.

Nutritional Psychology Research Library (Adult Population)