About old

CNP was created to foster the development of the field of Nutritional Psychology, and to serve as an online resource for anyone seeking to understand the role that diet plays in affecting mood and mental health. In addition to defining the field, CNP’s mission is to provide mental health professionals, psychologists, counselors, dietitians, health coaches, physicians, researchers, educators, and interested individuals with access to research, information, and tools in the emerging field of Nutritional Psychology.

CNP’s mission is four-fold: 1) advocating for the adoption of Nutritional Psychology within the standard mental healthcare model, 2) developing educational curriculum for students and professionals, 3) providing access to research that informs the field, and 4) serving as a platform for the development, collaboration, and advancement of the field of Nutritional Psychology. 

CNP believes that all psychologists and mental health professionals should have formal training in the science of how food affects mood, behavior, and mental health, and that Nutritional Psychology be considered a core concept for psychologists and mental health professionals going forward.

The Center was founded in 2013 by M. Ephimia (‘Ephi’) Morphew-Lu, M.S./Dip.C.N., and Dr. Amanda Hull, Ph.D. Ephi is a human factors psychologist, researcher, and nutrition educator, and the founder and developer of the field of Nutritional Psychology. Amanda is a former psychologist for the VA working to move integrative healthcare into the traditional healthcare system, and is now the Senior Director of the Whole Health Delivery System at The Whole Health Institute.