We are dedicated to defining, promoting and developing the field of Nutritional Psychology.


The Center’s focus is on developing educational materials for mental health professionals in Nutritional Psychology.

Students and professionals in psychology and mental-health related disciplines receive academic training in the psychological, social, biological, and environmental factors that impact brain, mood, and mental health. However, there exists no academic textbook that presents nutritional psychology research and education applications on how nutrients impact the brain, mood, and mental health.

The Textbook in Nutritional Psychology aims to provide university-level education to students and professionals in Nutritional Psychology, and present the beginnings of a clinical model for nutritional mental healthcare. The Textbook of Nutritional Psychology presents the basic science and research principles of this discipline and the education of these methods and principles.

If you are an individual, student, teacher, faculty, therapist, counselor, or other professional in support of the development of a textbook in Nutritional Psychology, please let us know! The first step in the publishing process involves demonstrating proof of interest in the topic from prospective readers (i.e., students, instructors and professionals). If you have a professional background that could benefit from a textbook in this topic area, and would like to demonstrate your support, please take a moment to email us through this form. Please briefly indicate your professional title and training, and whether you would use such a textbook in your educational, professional, or personal development.

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Incorporating Nutritional
Psych Education

If you have incorporated Nutritional Psych education into your work, please let us know!